It was a real pleasure

It was a real pleasure to meet Vanessa and go through the process of getting a cost market analysis for the house. She was friendly, assuring and kind. Vanessa went out of her way to answer questions and make sure that everything was understood by myself and the people involved. Thanks for all the help!

Juele Hortie

Vanessa and I have been

Vanessa and I have been friends and coworkers for years. When she first told me she was pursuing Real Estate, I remember thinking how perfect she would be at it. She has built several homes with her husband and family and has enjoyed the process all the way through each time. With her professionalism, knowledge and care I knew she was the only one I wanted, when it was time for us to sell. She put her all into the deal and in two days, we signed our agreement to sell our family home. We were not only thrilled with the time frame but also the perfect fit for our home. I am so thankful and would highly recommend her!

Tammi Lloyd

Vanessa reached back out and

Vanessa reached back out and went the extra mile after letting me know a house I was interested in was already sold. She offered to show me a similar property in the area and it was exactly what I was looking for! With many years in the industry Vanessa helped make everything go smoothly from explaining the buying process to what should happen with the lawyers and closing. Vanessa was a huge help for a first time landlord with tips about renovations, connections to reach out to and pointing out the good and the bad about the property when it comes to renting. Overall couldn’t be more happy with Vanessa and my buying experience!

Sean Lachance

If there is an award

If there is an award for the greatest Real Estate Agent in the World, it should go to Vanessa Duprey!!! She made the process of selling our house easy and painless. Everything went very smoothly and was done professionally. Vanessa was always available to us and made time in her busy schedule to promptly respond to our questions. She kept us well informed throughout the process and gave us great advice along the way. I have been recommending her to anyone that I have been speaking to who is considering buying or selling.

Ron Lloyd

Vanessa was fantastic. The whole

Vanessa was fantastic. The whole process was smooth. She even helped us with cleaning and gave the best advice on the important things that needed to be done to make the house appeal to buyers!

Thank you for everything. We would definitely recommend Vanessa to anyone selling their home.

Cecile Dodge

We first met Vanessa online

We first met Vanessa online when we were stranded in Cameroon and the airport was closed due to Covid. We desperately wanted to return to Canada so started looking for property. Vanessa was amazing, she soon grasped what type of home we were looking for and would send us any new listings that became available. Anything we were interested in she would go and do a virtual tour and answer our zillion questions!! Sadly, when things came up that we were interested in they sold quickly not giving us a chance as we did not know when we would get back. As soon as the airport opened we booked our tickets and got to NS, all through this time Vanessa would keep checking in with us and send us encouraging emails which gave us hope. We were only in Canada a few days before we made an offer on a home, Vanessa was the ultimate professional and we trusted she would always tell us the truth, we never felt she was in it just to make the sale. We got most of the business done while we were quarantining and Vanessa guided us every step of the way, it made what seemed to be an overwhelming process so easy. She was always there for us to answer our every question or concern no matter how busy she was. We have been in our home now for 6 weeks and Vanessa continues to check in on us and we still contact her if we have a question.
I have already recommended Vanessa to friends and will continue to do so. Would definitely use her again if need be!
Jacinta and Bruce Gilbert

Jacinta Gilbert

David and Joanne Hopkins

Having Vanessa Duprey as our realtor has be such an incredible experience ! She has been
extremely thorough. She has given us great tips on staging our home, and has not been
afraid to tell us areas that needed attention to better show. She has never been pushy and
has not tried to undersell our home – she did her homework on the comparables in our
area and was honest with where our home stood, in offerings and in price. She didn’t rush
us to lower the price to get a quick sale.
She has kept a steady stream of viewings from many different agencies, coming through
the home. Even during this pandemic she has kept the realtors informed and interested in
bringing potential buyers. Above all she has been an incredible communicator with what is
happening with our property and giving us honest and helpful feedback from people who
viewed our home. We will definitely be using her services if we ever need to sell another
We highly recommend her as she is an amazing realtor, and have found Vanessa to be a
consummate professional. We are exceedingly glad to have been able to work with her!!
David and Joanne Hopkins

Don-Kelly Hadaway

Good Day Ms. Vanessa Duprey,

Thank you so much for helping me out with this sale. I would have been a mess without. You helped me step by step, right through the process and even called to remind me of crucial dates and events of the sale. You were patient with me, which was a big help since this is my first property of purchase. I really appreciate your assistance and will surely be recommending you to my friends and co-workers. Please do have a lovely day.
Many thanks,
Don-Kelly Hadaway

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